Animal Healing & Communication

What Is Animal       Healing ?

 The Healing Process.

Animal healing is a gentle process, which can involve either the placing of hands on or away

from the animal. There is no manipulation involved, & the animal is in complete control of

whether they receive healing  or not.

All animals have guardian angels, guides & a higher self, just like humans. They understand

what a human says & can communicate with us. When a healing session takes place, i ask if

the animal is willing to allow me to help heal whatever the problem is present. Once & if the

animal is willing, i may conduct a 'scan' of it's body. This is done by passing my hand over the

animal to check if it's energy field, which is like a 'ready break glow' has any blockages. The

healing is then conducted by either placing my hands on or in front of the animal present.

I will then ask for the animals guides, guardians & angels to work through me, by using me as

a 'conduit' (channel) to send healing to the animal. They may also remove any blockages or

unwanted energy which may not serve any purpose to the animal in question. The animal is

not harmed in any way. It will relax, sit, lay still or evenfall asleep in some cases during the healing session.

At the end of the session, an animal may need to either drink, or go to the toilet, this is all part of           the natural  cleansing/healing processAll animals behave differently after healing. Some may be         active, sleepy or even grumpy. It all depends on the main issue for healing. It can affect them in all       sorts of ways. The healing which is conducted  IS safe & will not harm the animal in any way.  

The healing  which i perform is all done with love & respect for your pet.


Did You Know?

The predator/prey relationship is based upon a consentual agreement between the two. The predator asks for permission to eat the prey & the prey will give permission to be consumed.