Animal Healing & Communication



The following testimonials have been reproduced with the permission of those who have very kindly allowed me to help their animal companions.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey as an amazing animal healer with a very gentle & caring manner, which immediately puts animals at ease.

She spent several weeks healing our dachshund Cookie who suffered from sore patches on her skin, & from anxiety & a fear of strangers. Cookie took to Tracey straight away, which was unusual, as she is normally so timid  & loved being healed. Even when the healing sessions finished, Cookie & our cat would curl up on Tracey's lap or feet.

The sore patches improved significantly after receiving healing & Cookie, although still somewhat nervous with strangers, is greatly improved from how she was previously."

Mrs D Macgregor

"I was having problems with my two cats. They didn't get on very well & the female was very aggressive with the male. This was causing him to spray indoors, leaving me no option but to keep them in my conservatory. Tracey came to my house on a few occasions & made a considerable difference. Although they were wary at first, Tracey soon put them at ease. They bonded with her immediately. I couldn't believe  how they interacted with Tracey, on their first meeting.

Tracey's gentle & caring approach to their needs was quite remarkable.

After their second healing session, the male had stopped spraying, & was back in the house. The female's personality has changed completely too. She is no longer aggressive, & is now more affectionate & 'nuzzles' her mate, which is so lovely to see when they are together.

Tracey has been a godsend, & i would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help like i did. She has transformed my cats, & for this i am truly grateful."

G Hargreaves

"We have a miniature dachshund called Rusty.

Rusty had problems with being left alone & jealousy issues when our young grandson arrived. When Rusty was left, which was never for long periods, he would constantly bark. Because of the jealousy problems that he had with our grandson, we were afraid that Rusty would bite him.

Telling Tracey of our problems, she sent Rusty healing by communicating with him over a period of time. Now Rusty has improved greatly. He is certainly a lot calmer being left alone, especially around our work patterns.

Now Rusty just loves our grandson!

I certainly recommend  Tracey if you have any animal problems."

Richard & Linda Bedwell.