Animal Healing & Communication

​Please visit this website, it's full of great activities, facts & ways that you can help save our sharks.

As you are probably aware by now,  i adopt great white sharks....

 I am also very passionate about Orcas in captivity. These fantastic ocean dwellers do alot of great work healing our planet & are far too big to be kept in captivity. Please check out Here on this website you can read up on how they live & help towards releasing these beautiful cetaceans.

​Cats Protection. Another great charity who rehome & fully vaccinate thousands of cats & kittens every year.

Please check out these great websites & see how you too can help.


This film was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. 

This movie goes behind the scenes of Sea World in Florida.

It tells the story of Tilikum the Orca's plight & how these beautiful, majestic mammals are kept & how they perform daily to many crowds of cheering holiday makers. 

If you ever feel the need to help orcas, please take a look at this incredible film. Tilikum needs the human race to help to understand his predicament. 

​I also feel the need to mention the 2013 documentary,


Thank you all for taking the time to read through my website. I hope that it           has helped you to understand how i work, & hopefully how i help our animal companions.

Many Blessings,

​Tracey. x

A fascinating look into the lives of 'Granny' & her family from J Pod. Also Mary's work communicating with other orcas in the wild & in capitivity

Two fantastic reads that I would highly recommend....

The Call Goes Out From the Cetacean Nation by Dianne Robbins.

Heart warming messages of love from the cetaceans.


Communicating With Orcas

by Mary J Getten.

Whale & Dolphin Conservation. Here you can adopt a whale or orca, or just read about the great work that they do.


Please look at this website, it's about the release of Tilikum. I ask if you could please sign the petition, so that he can be sent to a sea pen for rehabilitation back into the wild, & eventually so that he can be re introduced back with his pod. He wants his freedom. His work here was to help teach mankind. He's helped us, now it's our turn to help him.