Animal Healing & Communication

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

Some animals may not need as much healing as others. Most  animals show great improvements usually after two sessions. Some may need longer. In most cases so far, anything from 4 to 6 sessions have been required. These sessions can last anything from 45 minutes to one & a half  hours. There is no extra cost for longer appointments. You only pay the set charge for each session needed.

In some cases, if an animal is reluctant to have any healing at an early stage of the healing sessions, this  can affect the animal's human companions decision to continue with any further healing sessions.

Rest assured the animal is my main priority & they are completely safe. I will not force any healing onto an animal, they will be treated with love & respect as if my own. Some animals may feel 'Upset' or 'Moody' after a session, but this shows that the healing is working.

​Some problems may need to be addressed, & animals do feel emotions as do we humans. Do not worry, it is all part of the healing process.

​Please know that your pet is in safe hands.

Tracey. X