Animal Healing & Communication

Different Types Of Healing.

Distant Healing

Distant healing is a procedure which is carried out with the animal within viewing distance.         If the animal is wary or nervous, i can ask the animal's higher self for permission to send   healing. This involves sending healing without touching the animal. This allows me to gain the animals confidence & trust, so healing can be sent without any contact. If the animal does not feel settled enough with my presence during the first healing session, this can help a great deal.

Distant & Absent Healing Explained.

Absent Healing

Absent healing can be sent to any animal, anywhere in the world. During absent healing, i will contact the animal's higher self to communicate with them, whilst sending love & light to them.

To enable this type of healing, all i will require is the animal's name & a photograph, so i can get a vision of the pet in my mind. This type of healing is very powerful. It is the best way to help our beautiful animals, no matter how big or small all over our wonderful planet.

'Steven The Rabbit'

Photos reproduced with the kind permission of Joanne H