Animal Healing & Communication

Sessions One & Two:

Duchess had a lot of 'Blockages' in her energy field. She had developed a limp in her hind quarters & was extremely aggressive. She came to live with another cat, whom she did not like & would frequently attack. During the first two healing sessions i felt a lot of  negative energy being removed. A lot of her aggression seemed to subside. She was more calm & even affectionate towards her human companion. Her attitude towards the other cat seemed to change too. She was no longer aggressive towards him.


Duchess came from an animal sanctuary after her family moved to Suffolk from London. As she was an older cat, she did not cope with the move very well. This caused a lot of problems in Duchess's behaviour & she was eventually re-homed.

Sessions Three & Four:

By the third & final healing sessions, the negative energy in Duchess's energy field was very faint & she felt more balanced. She was now more relaxed & enjoying her healing sessions. She would now 'purr' through the healing & her limp seemed to disappear. She felt to me, like she was more in tune with her body. She was now jumping up onto anything that she wanted to, the ironing board, windows & the sofa. She is a much happier, affectionate cat. Her aggression seems to have disappeared completely.  She now loves to be made a fuss of & is very loving & gentle. She really is a true duchess!