Animal Healing & Communication

How Do I Communicate With Animals?

How do I communicate with animals?....You may well ask yourself this question.

Well the answer is simple.... Telepathy, good old fashioned telepathy.

The art of transmitting communication mentally from one mind to another.

I am truly blessed with the gift of being able to talk with animals & hearing their reply back.

We all at some time have looked into our animal companion's eyes & felt as if they have spoken, or if spoken to, have replied back to us. We feel that we have imagined a word or sentence & not believed that their minds could have spoken to us. If we've experienced this feeling, we just brush it off as if to say, 'I could not have got that, It was my imagination'. WELL BELIEVE IT!!! ,

Go with what you feel. You did not imagine it & I can guarantee 100% that your animal companion will appreciate & understand you. & also be very relieved that you have made contact with them!

Telepathy, it is said, was first used in ancient times by the people of the lost city of Atlantis.

The Atlanteans used this form of communication before the art of speech.