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About Me

A Little Insight Into Who I Am



I've always had a great love of animals. It all began with our first cat 'Buddy' who would sit by my pram & watch over me. As  a child i developed a great passion for sharks, especially Great Whites. This lead to large posters all over my bedroom wall, much to the horror of my sister! We lived in a small  bungalow which my father  had built, so my sister & i shared a bedroom. She wasn't happy having to wake up & see large sharks everywhere! I now proudly adopt Great White sharks in California through the Shark Trust. By doing this the money spent on adoption helps with the research of these beautiful creatures. I am also a very proud member of The Cats Protection.

I've always had a special bond with cats. Growing up my family always had cats, so whenever i came into contact with a cat or any animal, they seemed to come to me. I thought naturally that this was because of my love of animals. Little did i know that this was because  of what i am. Animals know instinctively what a person is. They know who we really are because they are so evolved. They can read our auras, they sense & feel our energy fields. I count myself as being very blessed to now work alongside so many fantastic creatures. It is a true pleasure for me. I always wanted to work with animals as i was growing up & it has taken a few years for me to understand my 'gift'. It's been a long journey, but i have learn't so much. There is still so much to be learn't from the animal kingdom, & every animal brings a new, wonderful lesson for me.

I would now like to thank all of my beautiful cats, whom i have shared my life with & who have tolerated, sympathized & given me so much love in my life. They have helped me to understand just how wonderful animals are, so that i can learn from them & respect them.

We are all equal after all.

So to my beautiful boys,

Buddy, Zebedee, Jake & Pugwash.

Thank you for giving me the honor of sharing this wonderful journey with you & the greatest gift of all.


I was born in a a small town called Harleston, which is situated in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I'm the youngest of the family, with two older brothers & an elder sister.

 I have trained & qualified with two animal therapy courses, which perform hands on Reiki healing for all types of animals.

Myself with Mr B, a very extraordinary little gentleman!


My Christmas present from 1975, (The complete shark in picture)... At the start of my shark obsession!

‚ÄčAlso an extra 'Thank You'...

To my guides, Gerard, Blossom & to all of my other guides, if i listed them all, you really wouldn't believe it!